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     What people say about us:

"Sue is a reliable and competent bookkeeper which businesses must have. Good bookkeepers are like gold dust and I am hanging on to Sue. "       

Annie Lee : Corporate Client Director, WSM Partners LLP


"It is a relief to hand over work to someone who goes the extra mile.  Sue's persistence, reliability and professionalism makes sure the job is done on time and to the highest standard."

Ian Kent CA FIIA : Silverlining Accounting Ltd.


“If you need superlatively accurate book-keeping to a tight deadline from somebody who won't waste your time with daft questions, get Sue on the case."  

Samantha New-Fielding


As a business owner, I thought I could do it all myself, including the books and VAT returns.

My business is quite straight forward in transactions, so surely it can’t be that hard I thought.

How wrong was I.......

Every quarter it was a stress and a panic to get it done in time. Can I claim VAT on this or not?

It took me a fair few hours every quarter to do all this, not speaking of the stress levels that would rise to the roof.

When I got a VAT audit, I thought, right, enough, time for the professionals to take this on and I gave all my bookkeeping to Sue and her team at Wolf Consultancy.

She went back through my books for the past few years, corrected my mistakes and put a plan together that suited by business best.

Yes, I now pay for having this work done, however I do not need to stress, which is priceless. Everything gets done on time and my accountant has never had such a big smile when my year end comes round, because everything is in order and on time.

Sue and her team are very good at explaining everything in simple terms, great at chasing for what they need and making sure deadlines are met.

I can’t recommend Sue and her team enough, if nothing else, for taking the biggest stress out of my business.


Nell Op de Beeck

ActionCOACH Business Coach

"As a owner operated business, I was hesitant in the beginning to hand my books over to a bookkeeper as I felt I would lose control and understanding of where the business was financially on a day to day basis.

 I also thought, as someone with a business background, that I could handle my books myself.  However, what I have learned since handing the accounts over to Sue, is that I was spending ridiculous amounts of time trying to keep everything straight and making many costly mistakes in the process. 

Sue has really freed time up for me to concentrate on running my business; more importantly, she has more than earned her fees in the money that she has saved me from making costly mistakes.”

 Donna Pourteymour


"Wolf Consultancy took over our book keeping several years ago and inherited a mess, we had stuck by a bad book keeper as it was easier we thought, then there was an article in FSB magazine. The article was an eye opener for us - it reported that many a small business could be ruined by bad book keeping.  Light bulb moment.

Wolf Consultancy was recommended by our account, sadly now retired, but he thought they were everything we needed, so we switched.  Life changed overnight - no more chasing our book keeper - instead they were chasing us!!

We need to do your payroll, we need this, your VAT return is due, we need that.  As a very small business caught up in day to day running, we put important stuff like that on a back burner (we are a cafe!).  

Wolf consultancy made sure we were never late - or got fined, they picked up paperwork, emailed, sent text messages, in fact they never left us alone!!  

Thank you Wolf Consultancy for always being there for us and with us."

The Barn, Newlands Corner 

"I have known Sue for 18 months – In that time she has helped me enormously through the toughest period of my business life. The last two years has been economically challenging to say the least – Sue has helped me:

  • Get my accounts fully up to date (including VAT/PAYE & Personal taxation).
  • Get all my clients up to date with our new accounting system.
  • Advise and help me setup our new accounting system.

Sue is a kind caring friend and I would not hesitate to recommend her services.

Andrew Petri


“I have used Wolf Consultancy to assist with bookkeeping and administration duties for several of our clients and have been impressed by the speed and quality of service I have received.”

James McBrearty, MD, taxhelp.uk.com Ltd