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Start up businesses

We run Start Up Business seminars for people thinking of, or having just started a business.  These cover topics from how to become self employed covering all of the legal requirements such as registering with HMRC, taking on employees and insurance to health and safety and the importance of proper accounting records.


You will also learn about how to promote your business and reach your target goals, the best media to promote and advertise your business, the importance of having a unique selling point, why you should have a really good website and the benefits of networking.


We also run more detailed seminars targeting specific aspects of your business such as :

  • business planning
  • sources of finance
  • choosing and setting up a legal structure
  • business mentoring and support

Please contact us for more details or let us know what specific aspects you are keen to excel in.

What our clients say :

“I have used Wolf Consultancy to assist with bookkeeping and administration duties for several of our clients and have been impressed by the speed and quality of service I have received.”

James McBrearty, MD, taxhelp.uk.com Ltd