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Credit control

In todays economic climate all businesses need cash circulating around their business. Receiving cash from customers, maintaining bank balances and paying suppliers.

As banks have became a lot stricter with loans and overdrafts, all companies have to monitor outstanding debt balances so that credit is controlled.

In many small businesses this is a difficult task which often does not have the priority it should have. Small business owners are sometimes too familiar with their customers and find it difficult to chase money.

Out-sourcing your credit control can provide that detachment and objectivity which is vital to getting the money in and maintaining healthy bank balances.

Our credit control procedures include :

  • monitoring outstanding debts
  • chasing monies due in accordance with your company policy
  • sending letters and emails as necessary
  • giving advice on circumstances where legal action may be necessary and agreeing the steps required
  • following through on such action, but only up to the level of authority afforded to us by the business owner.

What our clients say :

"Wolf Consultancy works with a number of our clients. We would rate them amongst the top level of bookkeepers that we deal with.

Steve South, Wise & Co Chartered Accountants, Farnham.



What our clients say :

"I have known Sue for 18 months – In that time she has helped me enormously through the toughest period of my business life. The last two years has been economically challenging to say the least – Sue has helped me:

  • Get my accounts fully up to date (including VAT/PAYE & Personal taxation).
  • Get all my clients up to date with our new accounting system.
  • Advise and help me setup our new accounting system.

Sue is a kind caring friend and I would not hesitate to recommend her services.

Andrew Petri