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Advisory Services

HR & Employment Contracts

Advice on establishing a contract for every employee and a company human resources policy.

  • do you know who should have a contract of employment and when ?
  • what should the contract contain ?
  • does your business have a health and safety policy ?
  • do you have a programme of staff training ?

These are among the many basic issues surrounding the employment of staff with which we can help and advise.




Accounting package advice

We often find that many clients are not utilising their existing accounting software to its full potential or even do not use accounting software at all. 

We can advise on the best package available for your company and oversee its installation and ensure that your staff are fully trained in its use.

We are a Sage Accounts reseller and are able to supply Sage accounts packages cheaper than going direct !


Business Coaching

We provide business coaching to small business owners.

Coaching enables you to ensure that your business reaches its full potential.

Coaching sessions are structured to ensure a relevant focus and clear outcomes and typically would involve a four step plan :

Goals    Reality   Options    Wrap up

Ask yourself the following questions :

Are you working longer hours than your staff ?

Do you spend your day fire-fighting with the detail rather than developing your business ?

Sales are satisfactory but profits are poor and cash flow tight ?

Do you find it difficult to get motivated ?

Business coaching is about the future,discovering your potential and achieving it !!

Marketing and secretarial services

We can also help with marketing and advertising, giving advice on the best mediums suited to your business and helping to design promotional material and writing editorial copy for your business.